Every real estate transaction is unique! There are many hidden challenges that will only be revealed when you begin to sell your home, or when you find a home to purchase 

                That’s why EXPERIENCE MATTERS                    I’m a PROBLEM SOLVER!

Just a few examples of problems I’ve helped resolve:

Neighborhood disputes regarding easements                Neighbor disputes over trees                                            Title Policy coverage exceptions                                Discovery/remediation of buried (grove) fuel tanks        Inaccurate pest control reports/work recommendations  Property inspection reports that reflect incorrect conditions Incomplete Trust documentation                                  Deeds of Trust paid off, but not reconveyed when the            beneficiary is no longer in business                              Appraisal reports valued lower than sales price                Buyers who are reluctant to perform                                  Co-op Agents who refused to meet their obligations            ………..and many, many more issues that threatened to ruin a home sale!